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 Let us do the (dirty) work so you can focus on what you do the best 



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Yes! Cleaning 

We are a dedicated team of grime fighters. We are professional scrubbers with a purpose—we believe in getting in the nooks and crannies and cleaning from the inside out. We are often called upon to do the job that other companies cannot handle. We don’t do a job fast just because it needs to get done, we guarantee results and your 100% satisfaction.

Why book with us

  • We specialize in tough and hard-to-clean spaces.

  • Whether it's your home and office bathrooms, or oil stains that have obviously resided on your cupboard for too long, we won't judge. 

  • we understand that life happens and scum and mildrew are are some of the many annoyances that must be dealt with. 

  • Consider us part of the team--AKA your personal cleaning fairies that make the unpleasant things in life go away.  


People say the nicest things… 


“The Yes! Team is really the dream team—they are extremely diligent and pay close attention to detail. They take their time in making sure that everything is done right and well. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable cleaning vendor.” 

                                                    —Office Manager of a IT software company 


“I’ve been using Yes! Cleaning for more than 2 years and I’ve been very satisfied with their great services and would not ever consider switching. Having someone come in for regular cleaning is a very personal affair—they see the details of your everyday life and tries to reset and restore everything to its proper places and freshen up the vibe of your surrounding. They know exactly how I like my towels folded and Swifer put back in its proper corner. It’s very intimate.” 

                                                         Residential client 


“YES Cleaning Service is fantastic!  I manage the office at my company and we have been working with Sandy and her team for several years.  They began cleaning for us when we were a team of 50 or so employees and we are now up to 350 and they have grown their services to accommodate our growing needs.  Sandy and her staff are meticulous about cleaning.  They do daily cleanups and twice weekly deep cleans as well as special event clean ups.  It is truly a treat to not ever have to think about something being dirty - because nothing ever is.  They even clean in the places that would never occur to you need to be maintained.  I can't recommend this team enough.  They are so great, I've even had them come to my home for some cleanings!” 

       Controller of a growing digital media company 



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