Sandy Zhang, Chief Cleaning Officer


Sandy joined Yes! Cleaning in 2011 after years of experience as a business owner. From making sure staff are properly trained according to the YES! cleaning quality standard to making sure every client is happy, Sandy is dedicated to working with our clients and staff every step of the way. Prior to her position at YES!, Sandy owned a number of successful business ventures, including an international trading company and a local franchise business. Sandy also worked in the real estate for a number of years as a realtor and is familiar with various types of homes and commercial properties.You have a question for our service? Get in touch with Sandy and she is available to answer your questions 24/7. Call her today at (212) 677-1768. 




Jason Ye, Esq., Chief Cleaning Advisor


Jason is the founder of Yes! Cleaning and is currently the Chief Cleaning Advisor of the company. Practicing corporate law during the day and serve as Chief Cleaning Advisor at night, Jason ensures that the business is fully compliant with New York State and labor laws and that everything runs smoothly.  


Besides his law practice, Jason has owned or been affiliated with several small businesses in New York City, in industries such as real estate, retail, consulting, and import & export. Throughout the years as an entrepreneur, Jason has amassed much practical insights to efficient business operation and management and has developed a strong network of professional contacts across many industries.


Jason received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from New York University.  Jason currently sits on the Rutgers Law School Center for Corporate Law and Governance Steering Committee and is a member of the American Bar Association. 




Joyce Shen, Chief Number Cruncher 


Joyce is the person who makes sure clients are quoted the best rates for the services provided and every employee at YES! gets paid on time (and therefore happy). A graduate of NYU Stern School of Business, Joyce is a Certified Public Accountant in  the State of New York and works as a Financial Analyst during the day.