Home Cleaning 


Q: Why can’t I get a quote online?

A: Every home is different and every person’s needs are different. Our pricing is based on the size and setup of your home, as well as your individual needs. Call us today to get a no-obligation and competitive quote.


Q: Do I have to provide cleaning supplies? 

A: We bring supplies that we find to be most effective in getting the job done. We can also use your supplies and equipment upon request 


Q: What If I only want the common area in my apartment cleaned? 

A: We can absolutely do that! In fact, we have worked with many clients who only wanted their common/shared areas cleaned.


Q: What if the job is longer than expected?

A: Yes! Cleaning provides a flat-rate service quote. This means barring any extreme and unexpected circumstances, our cleaners will stay as long as they need to get the job done.


Q: Do I have to be home while you clean? 

A: You do not have to be home for your clean as long as your cleaner has proper instruction on how to proceed with the tasks and any special requests you might have.


Q: What if I’m not home when my cleaner arrives? 

A: That's okay! Just leave us entry instructions when you schedule your appointment so we know how to enter your home. Our cleaners will make sure to lock up when leaving. 


Q: Do I get a discount if I'm a frequent customer?

A: Of course! We are delighted to have you as our loyal customer and stay tuned for our discount opportunities tailored EXCLUSIVELY for your account! Sign up to our mailing list Here


Q: I’m very particular about how I like my home cleaned, may I provide specific instructions and special request to my cleaner?

A: Absolutely! Just let us know when you book or send us a short email or text. We will take care of it.  


Q: Is Yes! insured and bonded?

A: Yes, we are insured and bonded. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we want to give you that peace of mind knowing your properties will be protect.


Q: Are Yes! Cleaning’s staff independent contractors?

A: We do not work with sub-contractors. Each and every single one of our staff is an employee who is regularly trained and supervised.  


Q: How long has Yes! Cleaning been in business? 

A: We have been serving New York City for more than half a decade and we have loved every moment of it. 


Q: Does Yes! Cleaning have excellent references?

A: We sure do! Read our clients’ testimonials on the home page or check out our Yelp page!


Q: What's your cancellation policy?

A: You are free to cancel your service at any time until one hour prior to your appointment. You must, however, do so through email or text. We will charge $20 cancellation fee if it is not done so. 


Q: Are tips required? 

A: Tips are not required but are certainly appreciated by our cleaners.



Office/Commercial Cleaning


Q: What type of office/commercial cleaning have you done?

A: We have done it all. We have worked with many offices and commercial spaces, ranging from boutique stores to large office spaces with multiple floors.  Please call us for a free in-person estimate. We will wow you with our pricing.  


Q: Do you clean during or after business hours?

A: Our corporate team is able to handle jobs night and day, depending on your business needs. Many clients give us a key for after-hours cleaning, so we can clean without disrupting your work. We are insured and bonded and we will coordinate all necessary documentation with your building or office manager.


Q: Does Yes! Cleaning bring its own supplies & equipment?

A: Yes, all of our cleaners come equipped with a kit full of cleaning to bring on site. If you select ongoing service, we also provide heavy equipment such as vacuums, mops, dry mops, and squeegees.


Q: Will there be a Yes! team member on site to supervise cleaning? 

A: Absolutely. Yes! Cleaning prides ourselves on our quality control. Our quality manager typically joins the cleaners on all cleaning sessions at the field and each job is inspected before we leave. We also follow up periodically, by email and in person, to make sure we consistently do a great job! We also provide our clients with our managers’ cell phone number so that we are available 24/7 to address any issue.  


Q: How do your charge for cleaning a commercial space?

A: Our pricing is extremely competitive. We typically charge our clients hourly or a flat fee. Either way, we understand that you have a budget and we will make sure that our price will meet that.